2018 Wellness Incentives to Improve Your Health

Looking for ways to earn dollars to boost your Health Savings Account (HSA)? Review the following table to learn more about what incentive you are eligible for.

Apps & Activities in myCigna.com $100
Annual Preventive Exam $100
If Body Mass Index (BMI) => 30 Your Reward
Achieve 3-4.99% weight loss $300
Achieve 5-9.99% weight loss $400
Achieve 10% or greater weight loss $500
If Glucose > 100 then 10% improvement $500
If LDL > 129 then 10% improvement $300
  • Total 2018 program maximum payout per eligible participant is $1,000.
  • Eligible participants may earn one weight loss incentive payout per year.
  • All employees are potentially eligible as well as spouses covered by an Eastman health care plan.

Earning Wellness Incentives

Personalized Health Assessment

  • You must complete a Health Assessment on myCigna.com to be eligible for an incentive reward
  • Available 01/01/2018–11/30/2018 at myCigna.com
  • A confidential questionnaire that asks you about your health and well-being and provides a personalized assessment of your current health. As a reminder and to protect your privacy, anyone taking the health assessment needs to register on myCigna.com and then log in with their own user ID and password.

Apps & Activities in myCigna.com Reward

  • Log in to myCigna.com and complete the prescribed Apps & Activities to earn $100.

Annual Preventive Exam Reward

  • Get your annual preventive physical exam or annual preventive OB/GYN exam to earn $100.

Biometric Outcomes Reward

  • If you are participating in a Biometric Outcomes incentive, be sure to complete the wellness screening form located on the myCigna.com page. Answer every question in the patient information section, then take it to your physician to complete and sign. The form cannot be processed if incomplete.
  • Upload your form on your myCigna.com account by going to the MyHealth tab.
  • Once improvements are made for BMI, glucose, or LDL, an additional form will need to be submitted.

Your Personal Cigna Health Coach

Health coaches are a free resource provided to help you achieve your wellness goals. Discover the many ways you can work one on one with Cigna’s professional Health Coaches to help you:

Cigna Health Coaches: